How we work


  • A meeting between you and your producer in which you lay out the details of your case- it is important that take2 has an understanding of your case and your objectives.
  • Determine the key elements of your clients injury, disfigurement, rehabilitation period, financial loss, and other relevant evidence that illustrates how your clients life has been adversely by the defendants actions.
  • take2 producer will explain and determine the most effective approach to portraying your clients situation.
  • Identify who should be interviewed including: your client, family members, friends, business associates teachers, doctors and when applicable expert witnesses.
  • Identify location / locations for the shoot.
  • Identify time-line and deadlines.
  • Down payment is due.


  • Schedule interviews- this can be done by take2 or you.
  • Attorney outlines open ended line of questioning.
  • Select, scout and schedule shoot location(s)- take2 Visual studio is an option.


  • Before shooting can begin equipment; lights, cameras, audio needs to be set-up at shoot location- take2 is sensitive to your clients situations and will be as expedient and as non-intrusive as possible.
  • Prior to rolling tape-take2 producer will spend appropriate time with your client and his/her family members to put them at ease and explain to them what will be happening throughout the shoot.

Post Production

  1. “String cut” of video generated with time code of the story for editorial purposes only. This is for dialog only to make sure the story is correct and flows. This cut is posted on 2ake2’s website, the link sent to plaintiffs Lawyer.
  2. Lawyer reviews the “string cut” and notifies take2 of any necessary changes.
  3. Upon approval of editorial, picture, graphics, text, effects, animation (when appropriate) is edited into video.
  4. Video is posted on take2’s website, for attorneys review, with time code for final approval.
  5. Once changes are made and final cut is signed off on the file is rendered and DVD is made. * Please note all review can be done remotely via the Internet or if you prefer you may sit in on as many edit and review sessions as you choose.

Approval Process

  • All approval must be in writing. take2 will not move on to the next step without client approval.


  • Upon completion and receipt of final payment take2 will deliver five professionally produced and labeled DVD’s.
  • Balance of payment due upon delivery.