“Take2 Video Productions films and produces a 20/20 quality video story showing the effects of your client’s injuries.  If you have a serious injury or death case, Take2’s “Settlement” videos are an invaluable settlement or jury persuasion tool and will increase the value of your case.”

-Richard D. Topper, Attorney at Law-

“Mike Alu at Take2 is a magician.  He understands what it means to tell a client's story and he does it with insight, compassion and most importantly a strong creative sense of what is important.  The final edited product, the result of Mike's and the Take2 Visual Production team’s talent and skill, is professional and something to be proud to show on your client's behalf.

"We used Take2 most recently in a truck crash case prior to filing suit.  I wanted to separate my case from the hundreds sitting on the adjustor's desk.  Take2 put together a 15-minute settlement video that contained an interview with our client, the treating surgeon along with various photos and video of the accident scene.  The adjustor had never seen anything like it and used it to "get the authority this case demanded" from his supervisor.   The case resolved less than one year from the date of the wreck for near policy limits, without a lawsuit filed.

"I look forward to working with Take2 shortly to prepare a day in the life video on behalf of a family with a profoundly brain injured child.  I know his sensitivity and instincts will result in a useful tool for settlement and/or trial purposes.”

-Anne M. Valentine, Attorney at Law-

“Using the video in my demand package allowed me to provide a much deeper explanation of my client’s injury. It humanized the facts of my case. The claims adjuster could not only see my clients injury they could feel it.

“My video was well received; I think they felt it saved the time in getting comfortable understanding the facts in my case. It was a more realistic presentation of what a jury would see and hear compared to a written letter.  

“It was easy to work with Mike and Take2 Visual Productions; they were easy to schedule with, and their equipment was not overwhelming to my clients. The edit process went swiftly, only because of their understanding of story telling and how to pin point the important material.”

-Frank Todaro, Attorney at Law-